The Finer Detail by Kim

Wedding vows on clear acrylic - set of 2


How special would it be to have your vows printed and displayed as a keepsake in your home? Here is a gorgeous way to do just that! 

These printed vows are perfect to read from on your wedding day. They are printed on with UV-cured inks to make them durable, waterproof, and scratch resistant.

This item comes as a set of 2 acrylic pieces, for both vows.

The acrylic measures 15cm x 21cm (A5) and is 3mm thick. 

After purchasing, please email your vows to us at 

***PLEASE NOTE*** we will copy and paste exactly as you type. Please ensure you TRIPLE check for any spelling errors before you send. We will copy your formatting too with paragraphs, however may need to add extra spacing where needed to fit nicely on the acrylic piece.