We take extreme pride and care when creating your items for you.

We do not accept returns on custom and personalised products, except in the case of an error. In that case, we will work with you as quickly as possible to rectify. Please notify us via phone or email  


We pack our items as well as we can, but we do rely on couriers being careful with our packages. If your item is broken in transit, please take a photo of the damage and contact us immediately.

We are not responsible for any breakages once you have unpacked your item(s). We include care cards with our products to remind our customers that some of our items are VERY fragile. For example, mirror name plaques. Mirror acrylic is a very fragile substrate, and must be handled with extreme care. Please do NOT hold your name plaque by one end, as this puts stress on the joins of the letters and it will snap. Please be aware that mirror acrylic can scratch too, so don’t use any harsh cloths or material on them. 

When we adhere acrylic onto plywood or acrylic, we use a laser-suitable industrial strength double sided tape. This tape is strong, but can only withstand so much, so please be careful not to put stress on the wording, particularly small pieces like dots to i’s and j’s. 

Please follow warning label instructions for candles, as well as candle care cards. This is very important, to avoid damage, injury, fire, etc.

If you have any concerns please get in touch.