The Finer Detail by Kim

Wedding “guest book” round timber sign


These round timber signs are such a beautiful way to display your wedding guest book in your home! 

They are made from 3mm plywood with acrylic lettering adhered on top.

  • Please enter what text you’d like on the sign
  • Please select the font you’d like for your surname
  • All other text like “mr & Mrs” and the date will be done in a plain font. 

They can be written on with a fine tip permanent marker or fine tip liquid chalk marker. We will provide a small spare piece of plywood so that you can test different markers on it. 

Size options include 30cm (suitable for a small wedding with names only), 40cm or 50cm.


Please Note: Being handmade and using products with variations in them like wood, our pieces vary in texture and appearance and are therefore unique. Wood grain variation is completely normal.


Colours may also vary depending on phone, tablet and computer screen variations.


Also, some of our products are very fragile, so should be handled with care. Please keep them out of reach of children and don’t hang items above cots.