The Finer Detail by Kim

Velcro-mounted acrylic monthly planner with bamboo accents


Our signature acrylic monthly planners are part of so many people’s homes now, helping the whole family stay organised! 

Keep track of the entire family’s whereabouts, appointments, shopping lists, to do, etc! 

These planners can be used annually, and written on with a fine tip chalk marker or whiteboard marker. We recommend the Uni brand (we also stock these)

This planner measures 37.5cm wide by 29cm high and is made from 3mm acrylic. 

It features 2x pieces of 3M picture hanging strips on the back, for adhering to your wall, non-magnetic fridge, etc.

The text and tables are printed on with our premium UV printer, making them durable and scratch resistant.

It has two pieces of bamboo adhered to the front to conceal the velcro strips and adding a beautiful earthy element to the planner.