The Finer Detail by Kim

“Always remember” family affirmations hanging sign

We absolutely adore this sign and hope you do too.
When our beautiful customer approached us  to design this piece for her to give her children, it warmed our hearts at the thought of a child reading this and feeling reassured that although a marriage splitting can create some turbulence, the love shown towards the child remains the same and the new co-parenting dynamic still focuses on love and care of that child. ⁣
It's refreshing to see this family remaining positive and showing their children some reassurance. ⁣
Wording that comes standard on the sign is:
Heading: always remember
sub heading: Things that will now change:
list of chosen affirmations.

Please list⁣ up to 5 affirmations that you would like us to engrave on the sign. If you want less than 5, please enter "n/a" into the remaining fields.

The sign measures 30cm diameter and is made from 3mm plywood with a white gloss acrylic heading and connecting hearts.