The Finer Detail by Kim

Stone arch freestanding photo block


What better way to show off your beautiful photos then having them printed directly on top of arch-shaped stone, cut and polished by hand by a local stonemason! These are pretty special!

The natural shine and smoothness of the stone results in a vibrant, flawless photo result.


We have two sizes to choose from. Small (21cm tall) and medium (28cm tall).


We use premium 20mm thick Australian-made smartstone  for these photo blocks and they can be displayed standing up, or leaning against something.

PLEASE NOTE: these stone blocks are quite heavy and we recommend only placing on a surface that isn’t wobbly. They are freestanding, however if they are pushed over they make quite a thud!


Your chosen photo is printed using UV-cured inks which means they are scratch resistant, water resistant, smudge proof and can last a lifetime!


PLEASE NOTE: Please only upload original photos taken with a camera or smartphone. The better quality photo = better quality print.

Unfortunately, we cannot improve the quality of low resolution photos. We highly recommend photo files with 300 DPI. 

Photos saved from social media are generally 72DPI meaning they are compressed and therefore print quality can sometimes be poor.

If you have a printer at home, print the photo in the size of the product we offer to see what the quality will be like.

Photos printed onto wood will have the unique wood grain show through the photo slightly. This is the beauty of printing on timber.

We use UV cured inks which are water and scratch resistant. Abrasive materials will scratch the cured inks though, so please treat these printed products with love and care.

Please crop your image using our upload tool. If we need to make changes to the shape of your image we will, and will try to ensure we don’t crop out any important details. 

Please ensure that you have full rights to use the image you supply to us. Please take note of any copyright laws relating to your image. By uploading you agree that you own the image and that The Finer Detail by Kim is released from any infringement claims.