The Finer Detail by Kim

Magnetic acrylic monthly planner - with dinner and shopping list sections


Our signature acrylic monthly planners are part of so many people’s homes now, helping the whole family stay organised! 

Keep track of the entire family’s whereabouts, appointments, shopping lists, dinner planning, etc! 

These calendars can be used annually, and written on with a fine tip chalk marker. We recommend the Uni brand (we also stock these)

This version has a section for weekly dinners on the right hand side, as well as a shopping list.

This planner measures 40cm x 40cm and is made from 2.5mm acrylic. 

They feature 4x strong magnets on the back for adhering to your fridge.

YES we do custom sizing so get in touch if you need a different size. 

PLEASE NOTE: Those with curved fridges may find the planner won’t adhere to your fridge as the curve in your fridge prevents the magnets properly attaching to the fridge door surface.

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