The Finer Detail by Kim

Magnetic acrylic meal planner


NEW to our magnetic range is our clear acrylic meal planner!! 🍽 ⁣

Simply write on it with a chalkboard or whiteboard marker, then wipe clean at the end of the week! ⁣Please only ever use water to remove the chalk marker. Chemicals will damage the acrylic and cause the markers to stain it.

Includes space for a shopping list, and “don’t forget” section. ⁣

This beauty measures 30cm wide and made from 3mm acrylic. 

PLEASE NOTE: Those with curved fridges may find the planner won’t adhere to your fridge as the curve in your fridge prevents the magnets properly attaching to the fridge door surface. Curved fridges can also caused premature separation of the magnets from the planner due to the curve. 

The magnets we use are attached with adhesive, but constantly taking them on and off the fridge may cause the magnets to separate from the acrylic over time. We suggest you don’t take the planner on and off the fridge, just wipe the chalk marker off with water and a tissue each month.

Magnetic force can be different depending on the fridge material and type.