The Finer Detail by Kim

Hand-drawn hearts frame


New to our collection, this beautiful keepsake is sure to be treasured.

It features acrylic name and hearts delicately applied onto matte white acrylic. The acrylic hearts are traced from the photos you supply us of your hand-drawn hearts.

There are three size choices of frames, 13x18cm, 21x30cm and 30x40cm. They are a birch wood veneer. 

Frames can be hung or freestanding on a shelf or tabletop.


      1. Please ensure the writing/drawing is in BLACK ink or paint and is nice and clear. Please ensure the photo is taken up close and doesn’t show anything else in the background except for the white piece of paper that is drawn on. Our design program can only work with the quality of what you upload to us. 
      2.  It’s best to scan the image with a scanner, but if you can take a clear photo with your phone this should be sufficient. It’s best to take the photo in bright, natural light, with no shadows. Alternatively, you can use a program like Procreate on an iPad. If there are any issues with your upload, we will contact you. 


PLEASE NOTE: The acrylic wording is VERY delicate. Please handle with care and be careful not to bump any of the lettering. Dots to i's are the most delicate. Please do not dust with a cloth or feather duster. Gently blow some air onto the wording if it gets dust on it.