The Finer Detail by Kim

Freestanding Alphabet Letter Keepsake


Our latest release to our keepsake range are our alphabet letters with engraving of your little one’s details in the mirror insert. 

These freestanding keepsakes measure 20cm in height and are made from 18mm thick birch plywood, meaning they stand on their own. 

They are a gorgeous decor item for the nursery, special gift for a new baby/mum or can even be customised to show baptism date etc. 

They come packaged in our signature velvet keepsake bags (Grey for boys, baby pink for girls)

Most letters will happily stand on their own. We have flattened off the bottom of letters such as C, O, U etc. Some letters that are “top heavy” like F for example, may be a little wobbly. We recommend leaning them against something or using some Blu-tac to assist them to stand.



DISCLAIMER: Being handmade and using products with variations in them like wood, our pieces vary in texture and appearance and are therefore unique. Wood grain variation is completely normal.

Colours may also vary depending on phone, tablet and computer screen variations.

Mirror acrylic scratches easily so please don’t use abrasive cloths on the mirror surface.

Also, some of our products are very fragile, so should be handled with care. Please keep them out of reach of children and don’t hang items above cots. Enjoy xo