The Finer Detail by Kim

Bamboo keyring with handwritten engraved wording and rose gold, gold, silver or black clasp


We are excited to release these keyrings to our range! 

Your little ones’ handwritten notes are oh so sweet and this is the perfect place to display them, engraved into a wooden keyring! 

Wording needs to be short and sweet to allow us to fit it on the keyring, but some examples you could get your little one to write are:

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • I love you
  • You're the best 
  • Drive safe 
  • Can’t wait to see you
  • Or even a cute little drawing


      1. Please ensure the writing/drawing is in BLACK ink or paint and is nice and clear. Please ensure the photo is taken up close and doesn’t show anything else in the background except for the white piece of paper that is drawn on. Our design program can only work with the quality of what you upload to us. If you choose double sided, either upload a scan/photo showing both pieces of writing that you’d like, or email the extra one to 
    1. We suggest a maximum of 5-6 words
    2. It’s best to scan the image with a scanner, but if you can take a clear photo with your phone this should be sufficient. It’s best to take the photo in bright, natural light, with no shadows
    3. If there are any issues with your upload, we will contact you. 

Thear keyrings measure 6cm wide and are 0.3cm thick. These bamboo keyrings come with a clasp in the colour of your choice.

They come in a keepsake bag.


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