The Finer Detail by Kim

Wireless phone charger - initials


Wireless phone chargers are just so easy! Leave the charger on a desk, bench, bedside table etc and pop your phone on it and it will charge.

These lightweight bamboo phone chargers include personalised engraving if your choice and are the perfect gift! They measure 9.2cm x 9.2cm and are 0.9cm thick. 

They include an 80cm USB cord. Blue light means charging, red means standby/not charging.

Plug in power adapter not included. We recommend a 20w wall charging plug for fast charging speed.

They come in a white cardboard gift box.  

Please note: if you have a phone cover it must be wireless charging compatible. Bamboo has natural variation through the wood grain, which means engraving may vary as it passes over each part of the bamboo. This variation is considered normal, not a fault.