The Finer Detail by Kim

“My first day” back to school milestone board


Your child’s first day of the new daycare or school year is a special one and photographing these special moments is important! 🤍


Capture all the special details with these milestone boards. Simply fill out the details with white chalk (1 piece of chalk included with your board). We recommend traditional chalk, as opposed to liquid chalk markers, and then wipe clean.

Please ensure you clean the board before storing to avoid the chalk seeping into the black rectangle sections. 

You can use the same board for other children too!


  • 3mm plywood measures 29cm wide by 20cm high
  • Printed with UV-cured inks, making them water and scratch resistant 
  • We recommend using traditional chalk to write on the black rectangles (1 piece of chalk included with your board), as opposed to liquid chalk markers due to chalk being easier to clean off. 
  • 2 printed styles to choose from
  • Don’t know your child’s teacher’s name? No worries, select the board which has “my favourite colour” or “I am this tall” instead of “my teacher”.

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