The Finer Detail by Kim

Magnetic star - DIY text

$16 $19

These gorgeous magnetic stars are made from premium 16mm birch timber with a recessed piece of mirror acrylic in the middle which is engraved with your choice of text  

These stars feature a strong magnet on the back so can either be used as freestanding stars or stuck on the fridge!

They catch the light and reflections around them and they are absolutely stunning in person. 

 They come in their own protective velvet bag and can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Please enter your text and double check spelling. We will copy and paste exactly what you type.

PLEASE NOTE: please be careful not to scratch the mirror acrylic piece. Please do not use abrasive cloths to clean it. A soft tissue or a sunglasses lens cloth is recommended and to be used lightly.

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